The alternatives

The Campaign does not argue that existing social care services should just stay as they are. There are still services that create dependency and keep people isolated from ordinary life.

There are better ways of distributing limited funding, for example:

  • people need a meaningful right to support if they are frail or disabled – support for independence is as fundamental as the right to healthcare and education
  • people and families should not need to go into crisis but should get support early – it is the crisis and family breakdown that leads to¬†expensive¬†institutional solutions
  • people need control over money and support – people know how to get value for money and are best placed to know what support suits them
  • people need full housing rights and the should have the ability to earn and save without losing their money through vicious super taxes (called charges).

Over the coming weeks and months the Campaign will work together to propose a range of clear policy solutions and will seek to gather support from the general public and the full range of political groups for real reform and fairness.