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Assessing the Assessors – lived experience of Work Capability Assessments

884 people tell us what it’s like to go through the WCA

“As you read this 4 disabled people every day lose their lives after having their benefits removed under the WCA process”. A hard hitting report by Rick Burgess, Simon Duffy, Nick Dilworth, Jane Bence, Wayne Blackburn & Mark Thomas highlights a culture of contempt as hundreds of people share their experiences of the WCA.  The report suggests the flaws in the WCA are systemic and a fundamental rethink is needed.

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Parent challenges Work Capacity Assessment – please sign the 38 degrees petition

Following the judges decision that the present Work Capability Assessment substantially disadvantages people who have mental health problems, autism and learning disabilities I have started a petition at 38 calling upon the Department of Work and Pensions  to scrap the assessment until it has been revised and made fit for purpose. The petition can be found at .

I am the father of a son with autism who has gone through the WCA process and know how, flawed, unfair and unjust the process is.

Any publicity you can give to this petition would be much appreciated.

Kind regards.

Brian J Kitchen