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Services helping Services

Services helping services: working together to care for people

It’s a good time to think about what has happened in 2012, which passed under the sign of the governing Coalition conducting a discriminating and biased welfare reform, which left many marginalised groups in society much worse off than before. The Campaign For a Fair Society has summarised very coherently in their Manifesto the nature of the unprecedented cuts: they are unfair because they target people with disabilities and people living in poverty; and they are inefficient and will create more crises and new costs. I often ask myself if the actions of the government amount to criminal behaviour. Continue reading Services helping Services

The Manifesto 2012

Campaign for a Fair Society launches Manifesto

The Campaign launched its Manifesto at the House of Lords on 12 March 2012.

The Manifesto:

  • says that the government’s cuts are unfair – they target disabled people and those living in poverty
  • explains how the cuts are inefficient – they will create more crises and new costs
  • shows how the government could do things differently
  • makes eight proposals for a fairer society.

Download the manifesto as a PDF: CfaFS-Manifesto-2012.03

Press enquiries: Jaime Gill | Stefania Rulli-Gibbs


Charities and community groups hit by cuts

>A new report produced by False Economy identifies cuts to charities and community groups throughout the country. 

These cuts remove support and services used by some of the most vulnerable in society. The report has been compiled using Freedom of Information responses provided by local authorities.

The list of charities facing funding cuts includes:

  • 112 adult care charities
  • 142 elderly-related charities
  • 382 children’s and young people-related charities
  • 151 disability-related charities.

For more information and to download the report:

Visit the False Ecoconmy web site

TUC coverage of the report