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Spend to Mend

WHAT DISABILITY?: Spend to mend

After one month on the road, co founder Martyn Sibley has completed his Britain’s Personal Best challenge – rightfully named “What Disability?”. This challenge has brought up to the surface many questions about disability issues; here Martyn shares his views on what could, and should, be changed.

Well guys, we did it! Kasia, Martin and I traversed the UK from John O’Groats to Lands End. I hope you’ve been following the articles on Disability Horizons, the videos on my blog, the flickr photos and social media updates. The planning and executing of this trip was exhausting. However the media and the public really grasped the message that we carried.

I do not want to repeat the magnitude of what a personal challenge this was. This has been documented sufficiently for the Britain’s Personal Best project ( Instead I want to share my reflections on a wider social scale.

I am so passionate about disability issues, I was very sad to see and realise how much more work we have to do in 2013. Disabled people should not need or want for anything relating to their medical condition. Especially things that are so basic. Continue reading Spend to Mend

Campaign radio interviews

Norma Curran, Simon Duffy and Adrian Miller gave a series of interviews to radio stations across the country about the unfair cuts that target disabled people, the Campaign for a Fair Society and the launch of the 2012 Manifesto.

Below are recordings from the radio broadcasts.


Scotland’s Campaign Manifesto published

The Scottish Campaign For a Fair Society has published its Manifesto.

The Scottish Campaign will work with all political parties that subscribe to the Manifesto’s commitments. These include a commitment to build the UN Convention on Rights of Disabled People into Scots law and a commitment to make the entitlement to support a right under the law.

Download the manifesto as a PDF: CfaFS-Scottish-manifesto-2011

Download the manifesto as a PDF