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Social care in the spotlight – people tell their stories

Radio 5 covers the Crisis in Care

A hard hitting report on the impact of cuts to social care tells us how it really is. The programme gives us people’s stories, how elderly and disabled people who used to be eligible for funded support to wash, dress, eat and have some dignity in their lives are being locked out of a system which is increasingly being withdrawn, restricted and in melt down.

The President of the Association of Directors of Social Services confirms the system is broken. Please ask your M.P. and local councillors to listen to the programme, this is an issue which deserves a serious hearing.

To listen visit

Charities and community groups hit by cuts

>A new report produced by False Economy identifies cuts to charities and community groups throughout the country. 

These cuts remove support and services used by some of the most vulnerable in society. The report has been compiled using Freedom of Information responses provided by local authorities.

The list of charities facing funding cuts includes:

  • 112 adult care charities
  • 142 elderly-related charities
  • 382 children’s and young people-related charities
  • 151 disability-related charities.

For more information and to download the report:

Visit the False Ecoconmy web site

TUC coverage of the report

Supporting people to prepare for adult social care assessments

>West Sussex County Council has recently changed its eligibility criteria for adult social care. Those with ‘moderate’ needs will lose all support. 

A parent carer and the Aldingbourne Trust have written a guide to help people understand the system and be prepared for the reassessments.

Although the guide has been written for West Sussex, the information is likely to apply across the country.  People  likely to be affected by cuts in funding will need support to get ready for re-assessments and collect evidence in good time.

Click here to get the guide