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From the Spartacus Team – The devastating impact of “fit for work” tests – and the cynical politics at their heart

Two revealing new reports draw attention to the ongoing impact of “fit for work” assessments, giving more evidence of the misery and hardship experienced by some sick and disabled people and providing further clues as to the underlying cause. Continue reading From the Spartacus Team – The devastating impact of “fit for work” tests – and the cynical politics at their heart

Spend to Mend

WHAT DISABILITY?: Spend to mend

After one month on the road, co founder Martyn Sibley has completed his Britain’s Personal Best challenge – rightfully named “What Disability?”. This challenge has brought up to the surface many questions about disability issues; here Martyn shares his views on what could, and should, be changed.

Well guys, we did it! Kasia, Martin and I traversed the UK from John O’Groats to Lands End. I hope you’ve been following the articles on Disability Horizons, the videos on my blog, the flickr photos and social media updates. The planning and executing of this trip was exhausting. However the media and the public really grasped the message that we carried.

I do not want to repeat the magnitude of what a personal challenge this was. This has been documented sufficiently for the Britain’s Personal Best project ( Instead I want to share my reflections on a wider social scale.

I am so passionate about disability issues, I was very sad to see and realise how much more work we have to do in 2013. Disabled people should not need or want for anything relating to their medical condition. Especially things that are so basic. Continue reading Spend to Mend

Parent challenges Work Capacity Assessment – please sign the 38 degrees petition

Following the judges decision that the present Work Capability Assessment substantially disadvantages people who have mental health problems, autism and learning disabilities I have started a petition at 38 calling upon the Department of Work and Pensions  to scrap the assessment until it has been revised and made fit for purpose. The petition can be found at .

I am the father of a son with autism who has gone through the WCA process and know how, flawed, unfair and unjust the process is.

Any publicity you can give to this petition would be much appreciated.

Kind regards.

Brian J Kitchen


In Memory of Carl Poll – one of the founder members of the Campaign for a Fair Society

Sadly Carl Poll died on 23rd May 2013. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Carl’s life was a life spent relentlessly in the pursuit of human rights and social justice. After a lifetime of activism one of his final achievements was his input into the Campaign for a Fair Society. Carl was part of a small group of activists who planned and launched the CfaFS in 2010. Carl went on to contribute to the production of the Campaign’s Manifesto and managed the Campaign’s website and newsletter for two years, only relinquishing these responsibilities a few months ago. On behalf of colleagues at the CfaFS I pay tribute to Carl’s contribution, lifetime of activism and commitment right to the very end.

More tributes to Carl Poll can be read here on the Centre for Welfare Reform website.

 Sue Livett, Chair, English Steering Group

Campaign for a Fair Society