The United Nations view on economic & social rights in the UK

18 experts’ opinion…..

In June 2016 the UK hosted a visit by international experts on economic, social & cultural rights in the UK.  Their conclusions packed some punches – citing concerns on:

  • the austerity based social security agenda
  • the inadequacy of the national living wage
  • the negative effects of the Trade Union Act
  • the housing crisis
  • the rise of homelessness
  • regressive taxation
  • failure to crack down on tax avoidance
  • the rising use of foodbanks.

This is us folks, this is the UK in 2016.

The Campaign for a Fair Society is working across sectors to raise these issues and raise standards for the millions of people in the UK who are being affected.

Let us have your stories and your views on how to kick these issues into the public arena and make positive change.

The link to the UN report can be found on our fb page.