People getting good lives, working in times of austerity

June 13, 2013

On June 12th a group of organisations based in West Sussex hosted a Care & Support Summit to explore new ways for people to get good lives.

Chaired by Dame Philippa Russell, the keynote speaker, Ralph Broad, shared approaches which puts people at the front end of service design and delivery and results in really good outcomes, which include the elephant in the room – cost savings. The asset based community development and local area co-ordination approaches offer a real alternative to a race to the bottom – this morning on Radio 4 we heard concerns about domicilary care & the dreaded 15 minute support window.

Research by Dr Farhang Tahzib showed the link between loneliness, poor health & huge costs

It’s time to do things differently. For more information on local area co-ordination see

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