We’re back….

March 17, 2016

Our site is now back up after being hacked.

We’re currently working on updating the Campaign’s manifesto – it’s nearly ready, and very relevant, with all the cuts to social care & welfare ‘reform’. There’s a lot of rhetoric about ‘fairness’ but we are continuing to see unprecedented attacks on the incomes & lives of people who have a disability. Our facebook & twitter feeds are active and you can join the conversation there for now.

In the meantime, best wishes to all our supporters & those who really do believe in a fair society.


General and local elections 2015

May 6, 2015

The Citizen’s Jury and the need to vote Some commentators have said this has seemed like the longest run up to a general election for a long, long time.  We are being told the polls are too close to call, we’ve had the ‘leaders debates’, we’ve had politicians criss-crossing the country.  We’ve had the stats, the […]

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The very serious state of social care

March 13, 2015

The King’s Fund’s verdict on the Coalition Government’s Record on Social Care There are now 25% less people receiving publicly funded social care since 2009. Local authority spending on social care for older people has fallen by 17% in real terms, whilst the number of people aged 85 and over has risen by almost 9%. […]

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Introducing the Learning Disability Alliance England

October 8, 2014

  The Campaign for a Fair Society is proud to support the Learning Disability Alliance England.  This marks a major milestone in the development of a movement to protect & enhance the rights of people with learning disabilities.  We’re working with National Forum of People with Learning Disabilities National Valuing Family Forum Association for Real […]

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Personal Independent Payments – more than half of claims fail

October 2, 2014

Latest stats from the DWP show that only 45% of PIP claims succeed where the claimant is not terminally ill. and for DLA to PIP transfers, 1 in 3 claims fail. Of all people who got an award 58% got the enhanced rate of the daily living component, 32% got the standard rate & 10% got no […]

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Social care in the spotlight – people tell their stories

September 15, 2014

Radio 5 covers the Crisis in Care A hard hitting report on the impact of cuts to social care tells us how it really is. The programme gives us people’s stories, how elderly and disabled people who used to be eligible for funded support to wash, dress, eat and have some dignity in their lives are being […]

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Homecoming for Josh

August 29, 2014

Some excellent news from Josh’s family.. Ever since Josh went away from our home, we never stopped believing that he would one day return. Never gave up. It is with great pleasure that I can tell you all that Cornwall have agreed a local provider which means that Josh will be coming home to Cornwall! […]

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Call to action on Winterbourne – 3,000 people & rising

July 16, 2014

 The Campaign for a Fair Society believes that “human rights are for everyone, including the most disabled members of our community, and those rights include the same right to liberty as everyone else” (Hale 2014).  The placement and serial detention of people with learning disabilities and/or autism in institutions for long-term care far from their […]

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Assessing the Assessors – lived experience of Work Capability Assessments

July 8, 2014

884 people tell us what it’s like to go through the WCA “As you read this 4 disabled people every day lose their lives after having their benefits removed under the WCA process”. A hard hitting report by Rick Burgess, Simon Duffy, Nick Dilworth, Jane Bence, Wayne Blackburn & Mark Thomas highlights a culture of […]

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