Picture by Chris Watt.  07887 554 193.Jim Elder WoodwardIn this important paper Jim Elder-Woodward OBE, Chair of the Campaign for a Fair Society, reviews the achievements of the ILF and makes the case for a new Trust which builds on its achievements and which guarantees the kind of portable national entitlement that disabled people require. He argues that such a Trust could be used to promote independent living through a different and more positive partnership with local government.

He also argues that the ILF is the kind of institution demanded by asset based citizenship. This approach to social justice – which goes back at least as far as Thomas Paine – establishes citizenship by ensuring each of us has the basic we need to live as citizens. As such it is consistent with another goal of the Campaign for a Fair Society – a universal basic income for all.

The full paper is available at http://bit.ly/1fMVh9t


104,000 votes for the WOW Petition, Counting the cuts, Counting the M.P.’s

February 27, 2014


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Counting the Cuts – who is being targeted?

February 18, 2014

They said it couldnt be done – a cumulative impact assessment of the government’s austerity measures. David Cameron is on record saying we should judge a society by how it treats the most vulnerable.  ‘Counting the Cuts’ gives an up to date picture on the impact of the government’s cuts to public spending.  The report […]

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Poverty & Homelessness Action Week 25th Jan – 2 Feb 2014

January 27, 2014

Churches unite to stand alongside people in crisis Churches are seeing an alarming increase in people needing support, including advice on welfare benefits, housing and food.  For more information please see http://www.actionweek.org.uk/events.html

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Happy New (fair) Year

January 8, 2014

The starting gun for the run up to the next general election has been fired, £12billion more welfare cuts on the horizon & politicians referring to fairness in where the axe falls, this will be an interesting year The Campaign for a Fair Society has highlighted where cuts to public spending are being felt the […]

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From the Spartacus Team – The devastating impact of “fit for work” tests – and the cynical politics at their heart

December 9, 2013

Two revealing new reports draw attention to the ongoing impact of “fit for work” assessments, giving more evidence of the misery and hardship experienced by some sick and disabled people and providing further clues as to the underlying cause.

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More #stupid stuff – food bank Britain & sanctions

November 20, 2013

Employment Minister Esther McVey on cuts to benefits only used against those who were “wilfully rejecting support for no good reason”….. The Express spoke to a number of people which revealed unfair sanctions, here are some examples:- a blind woman whose benefits were removed because she did not apply for a cleaning job. a father […]

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